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5 Contemporary Ukrainian Artists You Should Know

The world is changing, becoming more modern with each new invention, both technological, as well as things which help drive culture, art and music. All of these things contribute to us moving forward as a species. For example, the internet has made the world much more interesting than it was a couple of decades ago. It changed us, allowing us to connect instantaneously from almost all parts of the globe. People can reach places like online casinos, such as Інтернет-казино в Україні, in just a few clicks.

This also helps us find things like contemporary artists. Some of them you might have heard of, while others might be completely unfamiliar to you, especially if you are not a hardcore artist who is bent on doing research. Here are some of the most interesting contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Petro Bevza

When you’re a member of the National Union of Artists Ukraine, then you have done well for yourself. Petro Bevza goes even further beyond, mixing his photography, videography and art, to make paradoxical pieces that will baffle you, yet still leave you thinking. He does a bit of everything, from the aforementioned, to sculpting and painting, as well. His paintings are modern, to the point where you will recognize most of the world’s relevant topics in them.

PetroBevza, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Alena Kuznetsova

Alena Kuznetsova focuses on modern art which has a lot of space in it. Her art resembles more of a scientific experiment, it is grounded and it can easily be understood by more people. She focuses on painting and the use of colors as something more than just a way of coloring something. She is an independent artist, with her own style and form.

Olha Pilyuhina

Olha Pilyhina makes tapestries, which is not an easy feat. her work is not only impressive, but also extremely complicated to make. When she prepares the materials needed, completing a tapestry takes around three months. The process starts with an outline, colors. The image is then enlarged to match the size of the actual tapestry. Then, the tapestry is hand-woven, to make things even more difficult. Rare are such artists who go through great lengths to make something old and new at the same time.

Oleg Tistol

His name is well-known in the world of art and he may be one of the most popular artists from Ukraine. Oleg is known for making use of already existing art, especially things considered cliches, and then reworking them into something marvelous. He represented Ukraine on various international shows, all over the world. He is also known for his collaborative work.

Eugenia Gapchinska

Eugenia Gapchinska is known for her cute and happy art. She is very popular in Ukraine where you are likely to find her art printed on cups, pillows and other tourist souvenirs you might find in local shops. She even considers herself to be someone who makes others happy, in fact, the first among the many. Her art certainly reflects those thoughts.

These have been 5 of Ukraine’s many great contemporary artists, enough to get you started on your journey of discovering Ukrainian contemporary art.