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Contemporary Bulgarian Musicians You Need to Know

We are lucky to live on a planet that has so many different countries and cultures. All of them offer their own customs, food, music, and way of living. When we open our minds to these cultures we broaden our horizons, learn new things and enrich our lives altogether. The land of roses, Bulgaria, is a great example of a country that has so much to offer to the rest of the world in terms of its culture. Not only does it have a great ski resort, interesting folklore dances, good reviews for betting bonus codes, but it also has amazing contemporary musicians. 

Kayno Yesno Sonce

Liquid and ambient music is always nice, particularly in turbulent times when almost anything can disturb us. This band currently has 6 members. They combine the music of the past, Bulgarian and otherwise, with contemporary music, making a combination that is very enjoyable. Traditional instruments are used, as well as contemporary ones, making music that is unique in every sense of the word. The band was formed in 2003 and has been going strong for almost 20 years.


Omori was a stage name for Stoyan Yonchev, an artist who passed away, only 20 years old, during the wake of the global pandemic. He died in London and most Bulgarians were not happy about the restrictions and an overall lack of communication. Omori worked as a musician for the Amek Collective and his last album was Embryogenesis, a dark and moody album with modern instruments and drum pads. His early passing left many people devastated, from the closest family to his fellow musicians and bandmates.


This group is a group completely inspired by folklore, in their own words, even though they don’t stick to a single style. They combine everything and anything, from modern jazz, folk, and rock music, to music that we can hardly define, but will put under the umbrella term, contemporary. The band is dedicated to making modern music, but with a strong influence of Bulgarian tradition and rhythms, in order to keep that tradition alive. 

Anna Bo

Anna Bo is short for Anna Bocheva, a musician who loves making dark synth, wavy music, with a hint of goth. Even though she has been living in the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, for a long time now, she continues to draw inspiration from the city, which obviously translates well to the music she makes. It is a different picture of the world, but one we welcome with open arms. 


This interesting name belongs to musician Stefan Bachvarov, an artist who loves making club music or post-club, as would be a more fitting description. His latest album is called Limerence and is a masterpiece of emotional damage. Just before the album was published, Bachvarov’s father had passed away. The album is a very emotional picture of feeling really bad and finding ways to deal with it.

Bulgaria is known for many things and now, you know it for the many musicians that it has, these being some of the more interesting ones. Look them up and feel free to look up more Bulgarian music and artists, as every culture deserves our attention, contemporary and traditional.